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Rooted Life Montessori is an academic therapy center designed to provide many academic and cognitive therapies in one location. Our goal here at Rooted Life Montessori is for every child to leave with a life-long passion for learning, the skill and ability to work with others, and the confidence, courage, and compassion to excel in life. Beyond their academic prowess, the kindness and respect that the children display for each other and for the adults in their environment is truly inspiring.

Thank you for considering Rooted Life Montessori for your child’s educational therapy.

Our 4 Step Admissions Process

Our team at Rooted Life Montessori wants to make learning about our Montessori program easier than ever. Our simple 4 step admissions process puts you in control of your child's future.

1. Fill Out Our Enrollment Application

Based on space availability, we accept applications through-out the year for immediate or future enrollment. Your child’s detailed developmental and academic history provides invaluable insight to their successful remediation. Please take your time filling out the questionnaire below.

Apply Today

2. Schedule a Phone Interview

Once we receive your intake information, we will schedule a zoom or phone conference with both parents and the therapist to learn more about your unique situation.

Call 817-578-6556 to schedule an interview with Debbie Hume.

3. Student Visit--Schedule testing (QEEG, Academic Assessments)

Your child’s next step to enrollment is a 1 or 2 morning testing session with their perspective guide and therapist. We understand mental fatigue and working attention span, and these assessments will be spaced over multiple days, if necessary, for maximum success. This testing is done in a non-threatening and casual way, and is a wonderful transition time for children to alleviate fears and make new friends. Price of testing is dependent on the number of separate individual evaluations, but ranges from $450-$600.

Call 817-578-6556 to schedule a testing session.

4. Debrief

Our bodies and minds are uniquely created to do wonderful things. Sometimes they need a bit of an adjustment to perform at their best. After completing assessments, a 2nd meeting will be scheduled by phone or zoom to offer a variety of services specific to your child to train the body and mind toward higher levels of success in life and learning.

Admissions Policy

At Rooted Life Montessori academic therapy center we custom tailor each of our programs to both help your child reach new academic goals and to help nurture a culture of compassion and cooperation. Our students learn to work together to solve problems and leave each day inspired to learn more. Our therapists focus on meeting your children at their own academic levels in order to better facilitate their academic achievements.