Rooted Life Montessori Education

Build Your Own Scholarship

We are so excited to offer the Build Your Own Scholarship Program to our current families to help provide discounts to you and also grow our program with your child’s friends! We believe that the distinguishing difference of a Montessori classroom and our individualized approach to each child’s education is so valuable. And we want to share our vision with as many students as possible! Thank you for your support and willingness to share Rooted Life Montessori with those in your circle of life!

How It Works

What is it

A referral program designed to encourage families to share Rooted Life with others.

Spread the word

Share how much you love Rooted Life with friends and family and get discounts on tuition!

Connect Friends

Friends, family, sporting events, church, and social media are all great, easy ways to share.

Receive Discounts

Each full time child that enrolls from your referral means a $100/ month discount for you!

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