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About Rooted Life Montessori's Home Schooling Classroom

Rooted Life Montessori offers a 2-day homeschool COOP for homeschool families. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-3:00. (Drop off starts at 8:15) After school care is available daily from 3:00-4:30. Learn more about After School Programs here.

The Montessori COOP Difference

Home-school parents are creating a unique curriculum and learning environment that is best for their family and children’s individual needs. At RLM, we share that vision and offer you a homeschool COOP that will support and supplement the curriculum you choose to teach at home. As we designed our COOP, we focused on the following:

  • Faith-based Science and History curriculum
  • Veteran teaching staff
  • Group collaboration
  • Consistent social/learning environment
  • Direct-taught social skills
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Individualized academic plan

Elementary Classroom (6-12)

During the Elementary students 2 days at RLM, they will join the lower (6-9) or upper (9-12) elementary based on their developmental, academic and social age. We will study Cosmic education, which is a creation based unit study interconnecting the sciences with history through exploration, research and critical thinking. As a faith-based school, we count it a privilege to provide a curriculum that not only honors God as the creator, but encourages children to take their place in His creation where He will use them. Learn more here.

Parents will continue to choose the Mathematics and Language Arts curriculum that is best for their family to be studied on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at home.

Primary Classroom (3-6)

During the Primary students 2 days at RLM, they will join the Primary classroom and expand their individual development of order, concentration, coordination and independence through specialized materials and individualized instruction. Our private school curriculum is unique in that, like homeschool, it is individualized for each child. Your pre-school or kindergarten aged child will be encouraged to expand his academic learning at his own natural pace. Our open-ended curriculum and relaxed learning atmosphere complements any pre-k/k curriculum you choose for your family. Our creation-based curriculum stimulates all the senses to engage and excite the child in their learning while simultaneously classifying and organizing the information they receive. Learn more here.


Rooted Life Montessori has a specialized tuition schedule for students enrolled in our Home School Co-Op education program. You can learn more about our tuition and costs here.

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