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About Rooted Life Montessori's Tuition & Fees

Rooted Life Montessori's Tuition and Fees breakdown for the 2020-2021 school year is listed below. We have several options for preschool aged students, as well as a Friday-only Fine Arts Program; which is a great 1 day supplement to children who already have a homeschool curriculum.


How do I secure my child’s spot in class? Why do private schools require a deposit?

When we ask for a deposit at registration, we are asking for a commitment to plan for your child before the school year begins: preparing the environment, purchasing materials, and hiring the staff begins long before the doors open in August. This deposit is non-refundable. Thank you for partnering with us in preparing for your child's individualized education.

Registration Application Fee Fall Materials Spring Materials Total
Full Time $350 $175 $175 $700
Home School $100 $50 $50 $200

Brain Games Summer Camp

After 20 years in early childhood development, our team of educators is learning more and more about how to help children develop and reach their learning potential. There are math camps, reading camps and writing camps; but our focus is different and deeper. Instead of focusing on the academic component of learning, we focus on a child’s coordination and processing speed within the brain. Read more here

Why do we require all incoming students to participate in IM summer camp?

All children benefit from cognitive enhancement and an increase of neuro-pathways. Our training process has evidence based research to show efficacy in improving perceptual modalities for learning! We have found that during the academic school year, children have assorted responsibilities which compete for their attention. However, as we direct our focus and intention on IM during the summer month of June, we consistently find that the children progress with greater momentum on the progressive levels of challenge within the IM program. Summer camp is also a transition time for new students to become accustomed to the teaching style of Montessori, to alleviate fears and make new friends.

Summer Enrichment Program: Brain Games June 8-July 3 2020(8:00am-12:30pm)

Primary $1150
Elementary $1150
Before School Care (7:00-8:00 AM) $120
Early Bird Discount Register Before March 1, 2020
No sibling discounts or scholarships available for the summer program

Payment Options

At Rooted Life we have multiple payment options for you to choose. Payment in full by July 1 is reduced by 2.5%. Our academic year runs from August-May. Fees include all costs associated with the academic school day from 8:15 AM-3:00 PM

1 payment (July 1) 2 payments (July 1, Nov 1 8 payments (July 1-Feb 1)
Elementary 5 day $10,380 $5,325 $1,350
Primary 5 day $9,900 $5,075 $1,285
Primary 4 day $8,430 $4,325 $1,095
Primary 3 day $6,970 $3,575 $905
Fine Arts Friday (1 day) $2,675 $1,375 $350

Before and After School Care

Monday - Thursday (No After School on Friday, pick up at 3:00 PM)
Before School Care (M-F): 7:00-8:20AM $120
After School Care (M-F): 3:00-4:00PM $90
After School Care-Extended (M-F): 3:00-5:30PM $195

Tuition Asssistance

Educational Opportunity Fund: This fund is available to all applicants and reduces tuition by $300/month. Available for a limited number of recipients per year. Call for more information.

Educator Grant: This grant is for students of parents or grandparents who work in Education (teachers, administrators, therapists, ect.) Reduces tuition by $150/month.

Sibling discount: Available to all families who have at least one child in our program paying full tuition. 1st sibling 10% off, additional siblings 5% off.

Build Your Own Scholarship: Check out our referral program where you can refer your friends and family to receive discounts on your tuition. Click here to learn more.

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