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About Rooted Life Montessori

Rooted Life Montessori is a small private school designed for all children to fully reach their potential. By creating a prepared environment and a prepared staff, RLM stands prepared to provide each child a daily opportunity to match and expand their own educational experience.

Our Primary classroom will hold 25 students and 3 AMS certified teachers; our Elementary classroom will hold 15 students with 2 AMS certified teachers. At RLM we will always retain an 8-1 ratio or less within the classrooms. Although state standards allow for much higher student-teacher ratios, we believe lower ratios are important to the success of all our students.

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A Brief History Of Rooted Life Montessori

2014 RLM - started as a home-based Montessori preschool. It was a friend and family based school more or less functioning as an extension of homeschooling and an opportunity for social development as well as academic.

2015-2016 - Kathy, Director and founder of RLM, began certification at Shelton Montessori in Dallas and opened enrollment to the local community. The Primary classroom grew to 10 students.

2016-2017 - We outgrew our limited space and moved 10 miles East to a commercial location (where we are now) with a 900sqft primary classroom and 14 students. We opened the Elementary I classroom with 650sqft with 3 students.

2017-2018- With the addition of two new staff members: an AMS certified Elementary I/II teacher and an AMS/ MACAR/ Language Therapy trained teacher, we are now able to offer a home school program and after school tutoring in addition to our Primary and Elementary classrooms.

Where We Are Located

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