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Frankie Burget of Windsong Therapy and Wellness

Fascial Integrative Therapy for Children

Fascial Integrative Therapy™ is a trademarked system of treatment developed by Frankie Burget. It is a specialized form of manual bodywork that gently manipulates the underlying soft tissue structure in the body called the fascia.

Proper balance of the fascial system is crucial to maintaining structural and mechanical balance for all systems within the body. Injury or repetitive stress can cause the fascia to bunch up or snag in places, causing additional mechanical load on a variety of musculoskeletal areas, leading to symptoms of chronic pain and loss of function. If the fibrils of the fascia become bunched or tightened and restrict movement of any cell or organ of the body, it will cause a symptom in the body which may be as minor as a headache or as severe as diabetes. If corrective action is not taken when a symptom appears, the minor symptom will become a noticeable problem and if it continues to be ignored it may eventually become very serious or debilitating.

Symptoms that may indicate a fascial problem in a baby may be feeding issues, decreased feeding, tongue/lip tie, reflux, gastrointestinal issues, projectile vomiting, misshapen head, perpetual fussiness, colic, lack of movement, favoring one side over the other, missing milestones, failure to thrive, torticollis, not crawling, or shallow breathing among others.

Left untreated the symptoms noticed in babies may develop into more serious conditions that inhibit motor and intellectual development. Toddlers may exhibit walking difficulties such as toe walking, unusual gait or inability to run, difficulties with fine motor skills, poor symmetrical movement, repeated injuries/falls, concussions, pacifier/thumb/finger sucking, asthma, food sensitivities, oversensitive to stimuli or noise, or oversensitive emotional state.

Older children may exhibit mouth breathing, bedwetting, swollen tonsils/adenoids, sleep apnea, behavioral issues, learning disorders, panic/anxiety, injury, headaches, vision problems or headaches.

Fascial Integrative Therapy can address all of these issues and more to balance the body and reduce or eliminate symptoms.

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