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At Rooted Life Montessori Academic Therapy Center, we do Learning Different….Different! Educational Therapy works with the fundamental premise that: 1) the brain is neuroplastic, meaning it can and will change provided the correct stimulation and support, and 2) each child we serve is like a snowflake; although there are similar presenting patterns of gifts and challenges, there is also a unique print and design to each child.

Before we begin to help your child puzzle through their unique academic challenges, we team with Debbie Hume, R.N., M.Ed., CET, BCB, BCN, QEEG-D to provide educational consultation and a QEEG brain map to identify areas in the brain that are “out of sync” or dysregulated, causing symptoms of ADD, ADHD, DCD, and language and math processing challenges (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, & apraxia).

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Rooted Life Montessori is an AMS affiliated Academic Therapy Center that staffs AMS or AMI trained teachers in each Montessori therapy room. The distinguishing difference of Montessori is our individualized approach to each child’s education and our hands-on approach to learning. This instruction is made possible by a unique design of highly specialized materials within the child’s reach. With over 6 years of curriculum available, each Montessori guide can match and expand the child’s educational experience daily. The Montessori curriculum is over 150 years old and has passed the test of time. Montessori is the only educational system created through the scientific process by a Dr., and the original diagnostic and remedial method used for the exceptional child.

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The Montessori Method The Montessori Method

C-L-A-P Coordination, Language, Attention, Perception

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, children ages 0-6 intake sensory information from the environment through a process called “Constructivism”, and this development is seen along separate tracks in the developmental areas of coordination (fine and gross motor), language (receptive, expressive and articulation), attention (ability to filter stimuli, ability to attend) and perception (visual and auditory). Dr. Joyce Pickering, a 50 year Montessori and Executive Director Emerita of Shelton School, Dallas, Tx, states that “if a child experiences uneven development from 0-3 in these four areas of CLAP, then the ability to integrate and consolidate these skills from ages 3 to 6 will also be unequal and underdeveloped; affecting language, cognitive ability, executive functioning and emotional intelligence." At Rooted Life Montessori, our initial intake screening and evaluation tools are specifically targeted to identify and remediate these four areas of early childhood development so your child can succeed in school.

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What is the montessori method C-L-A-P
The Montessori Method The Montessori Method
Neuro Feedback

How Thinking Differently About The Brain Sets Us Apart

As psychology has progressed so too have the advancements in understanding the human brain. In truth, no two brains are alike, even if two children have the same diagnosed learning issue such as ADD and ADHD their brain chemistry and activity might be completely different. Our teachers understand that no two children are alike, and that's what sets us apart. Take a look at the below video which goes into depth about how our understanding of the human brain has developed even in as little as 10 years.

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