Rooted Life Montessori Elementary Education Rooted Life Montessori Elementary Education

About Rooted Life Montessori's Educational Programs

Primary Education (3-6)

Primary students will develop order, concentration, coordination and independence through specialized materials and individualized instruction. Our creation-base curriculum stimulates all the senses to engage and excite the child in their learning while simultaneously classifying and organizing the material they are learning.

Primary Education

Elementary Education (6-12)

Elementary students will study cosmic education, which is the heart of the Elementary classroom. Cosmic education is a creation based unit study interconnecting the sciences with history through exploration, research and critical thinking. As a faith-based school, we count it a privilege to provide a curriculum that not only honors God as the creator, but encourages children to take their place in His creation where He will use them.

Elementary Eduction

Learning Different Education

Our program is tailored to each child individually. At Rooted Life Montessori, we cater to each and every child's needs. We strive to meet them where they are academically and guide them to further their education. Our staff of MACAR (Montessori Applied to Children At Risk) certified teachers can address many of the needs of Learning Different children. The MACAR technique specifically assists children who may have ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, etc.

Learning Different

After School Care

Our after school daycare program is open to all of our currently enrolled students as well as to the general public. Our program is designed to provide a rich academic environment for your child after school. We have designed our after school activities to support your child's academic achievement through targeted development of the brain. Our childcare program offers opportunities for your child to participate in a variety of cooperation driven activities.

After School Care

Homeschool Co-Op

Rooted Life Montessori offers a 2-day extra-curricular study center option for home school families. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-3:00. Home school families will continue to teach the Math and Language Arts curriculum of their choice at home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To learn more about our Homeschool Co-Op program click the link below.

Homeschool Co-Op
American Montessori Society Link