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Build Your Own Scholarship


Thank you for your SERVICE

We offer these scholarships to give back to our RLM families and those who protect our country and communities. 1st Responders (Police, Fire, EMT/Paramedics), Ministers, and Military (active, veteran, reserves) are eligible to receive this discount upon enrollment.


Thank you for your PASSION

ALL students are eligible to receive the RLM Loyalty discount after 1 full year of attendance (including summer). At RLM, we believe that the desire to build social, emotional, and academic success within our student community is dependent on adhering to the philosophy of the 3 planes of development. Our Primary and Elementary classrooms provide opportunity for a 3 year journey beginning with two years of learning from older children and consummating with a final year of leadership. Your loyalty and commitment to furthering your own child’s growth, while creating a generation of mentors does not go unnoticed!  The Longer You Stay, The LESS You Pay!


Thank you for your TRUST

We understand the heightened cost of siblings, and the prioritizing it takes to achieve your goals. We also recognize the honor it is to be trusted to partner with you on your children’s educational journey.  The first year of attendance, the first child is full price and all additional siblings are 10%.  The second year, all children are eligible for the RLM Loyalty discount of 20%. (see above)

40%--20% OFF TUITION

Thank you for TEACHING

Dr. Montessori writes

 They will be witnesses of the unfolding of the human soul and to the raising of a New Man who will not be the victim of events, but will have the clarity of vision to direct and shape the future of human society.

Do you desire to educate yourself as an adult learner SO you can impact and teach the next generation? We welcome applicants to our team who are certified Montessorians, behavior therapists, and those with special education and/or administrative experience.  We gladly support and train: student teachers, interns, and those aspiring to restore and elevate the educational experience for the next generation of learners.

1st child 40% off tuition, 2nd + child 20% off tuition


We are so excited to offer the Build Your Own Scholarship Program to our current families to help provide discounts to you and also grow our program with your child’s friends! We believe that the distinguishing difference of a Montessori classroom and our individualized approach to each child’s education is so valuable. And we want to share our vision with as many students as possible! Thank you for your support and willingness to share Rooted Life Montessori with those in your circle of life!

Receive Discounts

Each full time child that enrolls from your referral means a $500 discount for you!


We encourage you to reach out to the following providers directly to see if your child qualifies for the following grants.  We have celebrated with families awarded these grants which were directly applied to tuition or additional cognitive therapy (TEACH, SEE, I.M., Brain Connection Camp).

  1. Masonic Children and Family Services

    For this application, you would be asking for assistance to help fund treatment by a physicianor therapist for your child.

  2. C.A.R.E Foundation Family Funds

    The CARE Grant Program helps cover the cost of medication, diagnosis, therapy, and autism summer camps. There is mention of payment towards tuition as well, so you may be able to request educational financial assistance.

  3. Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation

    This application opens on May 1st each year and helps cover the cost of summer camps, but again, you may be able to request assistance for school tuition.

  4. Autism Care Today

    This is a grant specifically for treatment products and services.

  5. The People Project of Texas

    This organization claims to provide “funds for anything that will directly improve the life of your special needs child.”

  6. Know Autism

    Can be used for special education programs.

  7. Maggie Welby Foundation

    This scholarship application is currently closed but will reopen in October of 2023. This is specifically for school tuition.

  8. Varghese Summersett Autism Scholarship

    This deadline has already passed, but the scholarship will open again for future applicants.

  9. Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES)Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) are $1,500 one-time on-line grants for eligible parents/caregivers of eligible students served by special education that have been impacted by COVID-19 school closures.

Equal Expectations Policy

Rooted Life Montessori Therapy Center Mission Statement to you

RLM will provide authentic Montessori education to diverse academic learners and:

  • nurture the whole child,
  • support the innate desire to learn with guidance and inspiration
  • foster self-confidence, motivation and critical thinking
  • teach responsibility and social skills, focusing on grace and courtesy
  • instill leadership and respect for self/others in a well-prepared environment
  • accommodate the learning different child within their ability


We will provide:

  • individualized academic instruction for your child based on Montessori philosophy and curriculum
  • individualized behavior redirection based on Montessori philosophy utilizing pivotal praise, external and internal motivators
  • 2 in person parent-teacher conferences yearly (fall and spring)
  • a mid-term update via Montessori Compass (winter)
  • additional referrals or recommendations if we observe academic or behavior remediation is advised
  • a low student-teacher ratio


We expect:

  • Participation in parent-education seminars, emails, online forums and other methods of educating you about Montessori
  • Time spent learning about Montessori Compass and the materials your child is using.
  • Timely payments