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Rooted Life Montessori's Preschool program began with just a few students in 2014. Since then our preschool program has grown and we have moved to a more accomidating location with 2 classrooms. Our private Montessori preschool classroom is targeted to give your child their best chance to succeed. Our Montessori curriculum is developed with specialized hands-on materials that inspire your child to focus on the skills they need to succeed further in their education. During their time here your child will learn valuable skills such as cooperation, coordination, concentration, and independence. The preschool coursework in comprehensive and targeted to each individual child's needs. We are focused on ensuring that each child we serve has a daily opportunity to match and expand their own educational experiences.

What is the montessori method

Developing the four core skills

The main goal of every material, every lesson, and daily work is to develop what we call OCCI.

  • Order: Our aim is to inspire our preschool students to learn the skills of order and organization by maintaining a well-organized classroom environment. We teach our children to follow a routine of cleanliness and organization by emphasizing the importance of maintaining an organized work area.
  • Concentration: We teach our preschool children the skills of concentration and focus through their curriculum. Our teachers aim to teach the student to focus on the task at hand without getting distracted by outside influences.
  • Coordination: Physical coordination is necessary behavior for children because they learn through the body and senses. Skills such as balance, hand-eye coordination, rhythm, fine-motor control, and body control are all cultivated through opportunities provided by the materials. Attention to movement is not instinctive, but is rather a planned, voluntary action.
  • Independence: Our teachers aim to inspire our preschool students to want to learn about and affect their own environment. The skill of independence comes from the child's own want and desire to learn new skills and topics.

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